Grace Lutheran Church Parking Garage


Wanda Dalla Costa and Claudio Vekstein in collaboration with True North Studio and Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian artist, Thomas “Breeze” Marcus, are co-creating a seven-story parking garage for Grace Lutheran Church. This urban placekeeping initiative, occupies a prominent place in downtown Phoenix, directly across from Hance Park. The garage offers visitors to the park a shaded pedestrian breezeway, connected to a street parking area designed to host vendor trucks. To kick off the project, a focus group was held with a group of Phoenix elders to discuss representation. The elders shared, that the most unifying notion to represent all Indigenous nations, was nature. In response, Breeze created an Indigenous design reflective of Phoenix’s history: the original canal water ways honoring the ingenuity of the local Hohokam people who brought water to the valley. The design features local plants and basketry connecting to generations of stories from this region. The garage is made of a series of fiberglass perforated panels, with perforation ranging from 2” to 8”, that will wrap from the east, north, and west elevation. Designed with integrated LED lighting, the structure will provide a glowing backdrop for the park’s evening events. “Water is among the four basic elements, which include fire, air and earth, and is vital for life and energy… The water symbol visually looks like two parallel squiggly lines and was thought to represent purity, fertility and life. Running water is a symbol of the continuity of life” (Breeze)


Public space

Stage of Completion

Design Development (2019-2020)


Roosevelt Row Arts District, Phoenix, Arizona


8,075 sq.ft. 750 m2


True North Studio Developers

Architect of Record

Archicon, Architecture and Interiors, LC

IDC (Indigenous Design Collaborative) Design Leads

Wanda Dalla Costa, Claudio Vekstein

IDC Design Team

Rhonda Harvey, Dolores Cremonini

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