AISSS Spatial and Branding Re-Design


American Indian Student Support Services (AISSS) is dedicated to Indigenous students at ASU, providing meeting / studying space and support services to achieve academic success. The Indigenous Design Collaborative (IDC) visited all four AISSS campus locations, and conducted a series of engagements with students, staff and university stakeholders to understand how the students and staff envisioned changes to existing offices, and to assist with a design that would celebrate the diversity of local and national Indigenous cultures. 

The initiative began with a branding exercise, led by the internationally renowned, Menos Es Mas, who assisted the team in analyzing stylistic and regional symbols to create a logo unique to AISSS. The design team, following the graphic brand, developed a common design language that could be applied to all four campuses. The graphic and spatial identity consisted of four components: activity icons (study, socialize, eat, rest, gather, meet, advocate) for signage or wall/ glass application; tribal seals, denoting the 22 tribes of Arizona; a mural application that units the icons; and a color palette representative of the southwest.



Stage of Completion

Conceptual/Schematic Design (2020)


Arizona State University - Tempe, Downtown, West, and Polytechnic Campus


American Indian Student Support Services, Arizona State University

IDC (Indigenous Design Collaborative) Design Leads

Wanda Dalla Costa, Claudio Vekstein

IDC Design Team

Tierra Miller, LaDawn Bentley

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