Lambton College’s Indigenous Outdoor Gathering space


Lambton College’s Indigenous Outdoor Gathering space offers students a place to connect with culture on campus. The pavilion will host ceremonies, cultural teachings including storytelling, and the natural site will allow host gatherings such as sweat lodges and pow wow’s. The design is inspired by the architectural precedent of the region, the wigwam structure, and comes complete with built-in seating and a central fire inside. The site is in an optimum area for increased biophilic connections, including views of the forest, integration of natural materials and form, and references to local flowers.
Stage of Completion
Construction (2023-2024)
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
1,735 ft2 | 161 m2
$3,316,000 CAD
Lambton College
Architect of Record
Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects
Indigenous Design Architect
Tawaw Architecture Collective Inc.
Design Team
Wanda Dalla Costa (Principal), Tierra Miller, Kyron Hardy, Claudio Vekstein, Skye Gillson

Honorary Fellow

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is proud to announce that Wanda Dalla Costa, a prominent Indigenous voice and practitioner in North American architecture, has been awarded honorary fellowship for 2022. Wanda Dalla Costa is a member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation and was the first First Nation woman to become an architect in Canada. Her firm, Tawaw Architecture Collective, is based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the director and founder of Arizona State University’s Indigenous Design Collaborative, a community-driven design and construction program that brings together tribal community members, industry and multidisciplinary teams of university students and faculty to co-design and co-develop solutions for tribal communities. Dalla Costa is a prominent Indigenous female voice within the architectural profession–specifically within the academic sphere in North America.

YBCA's 100 Honorees: Wanda Dalla Costa

Indigenous Design Collaborative's founder and design director Wanda Dalla Costa was recognized as YBCA 100 list of change makers and cultural activists working at the intersection of art, social change and civic life.

Trailblazer Award: Wanda Dalla Costa

Presented this year as part of NZ20, the world's largest net zero conference and expo, the Trailblazer Awards celebrate leaders who are building a net zero future through their work in the carbon, energy, water, waste, transit and/or policy sectors.

St. Lawrence Center Competition Award 2023


Jeff Harnar Award
Unbuilt Architecture 2021