Lambton College’s Indigenous
Outdoor Gathering space


Lambton College’s Indigenous Outdoor Gathering space offers students a place to connect with cultural on campus. The function is to host ceremony and cultural teachings including storytelling. The facility will also serve the community, who will join the students to participate in small and large gatherings, from ceremony to powwows. The gathering structure’s design is inspired by the traditional wigwam structure, complete with firepit in the interior. Also vital to the form, was to connect to a series of cultural associations. Through student engagements and meetings with Lambton College staff, strong connections with nature were expressed. The site was a treed area tucked into a natural area of campus. In order to increase biophilic connections, the structure includes views to the forest, natural materials, and references to petals of local flowers. These features are in addition to a series of universal Indigenous notions such as the four directions, connection to the sky, and the medicine wheel. They also exist alongside more specific local cultural meanings, such as connection with the local clan system.


Higher Education

Stage of Completion

Schematic Design (2021)


Sarnia, Ontario, Canada


1194 sq.ft. 111 m2


Lambton College

Architect of Record

Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects

Indigenous Design Architect

Tawaw Architecture Collective Inc.

Design Team

Wanda Dalla Costa (Principal), Tierra Miller, Kyron Hardy, Claudio Vekstein, Skye Gillson