Hayden Library Welcome Wall and Labriola Table



The Indigenous People’s Space (IPS) will provide a home for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis Nation voices to build relationships to the Crown in the spirit of reconciliation. This project takes place on the territory of the Omamìwìnini Anishinaabeg | Algonquin Nation. Ottawa has been a place of peaceful diplomacy for millennia. The nearby sacred site – Akikodjiwan | Chaudière Falls | Victoria Islands has been a place to conduct nation-to-nation diplomacy since 2000 BCE, respected as neutral ground for 4000 years. It is considered a heart of our continent, Turtle Island. A new Indigenous presence will symbolize nation-to-nation relations and Indigenous self-determination across the country, starting with the nation-to-nation axis, a pathway from Parliament to the site of a sacred fire on the IPS site. The project is an adaptive reuse of the former colonial architecture, wrapped in a thermal encasement to conserve energy, while offering a revised representation that more closely connects to principles of Indigeneity. The design is intended to honor the local territorial holders to this region, while also representing diverse Indigenous peoples from across Canada. Cultural associations for the new facility include the Algonquin wigwam, basketry, the Metis Sash, a shawl (gift), regalia, snowshoes and feathers. 


Higher Education

Stage of Completion

Fabrication (2019-2020)


Hayden Library, Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona


Arizona State University

IDC (Indigenous Design Collaborative) Design Leads

Wanda Dalla Costa, Claudio Vekstein

IDC Design Team

Selina Martinez, Lauren Slim

Artists (wall)

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus (Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham, Hopi, Ponca, and Otoe)

Douglas Miles (Apache, Akimel O'odham)

Vyal Reyes (Zuni, Yaqui, and Raramuri)

Artists (table)

Jeffery Fulwilder

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