Gila River Indian Community Sustainable (LBC) Home


GRIC is a community of approximately 13,000 members located adjacent to the city of Phoenix. In 2016, the Governor and his leadership team entered into discussions with the Del E. Webb School of Construction at ASU regarding the development of a sustainable housing prototype. Arizona experiences temperatures up to 118 F (47 C). According to Climate Change Central, Phoenix is the second fastest-warming city in the USA. With 30% higher electricity consumption here than in the rest of USA, electricity costs can be a financial burden for low income residents in the region. Since 2016, ASU faculty and students have completed multiple activities toward understanding cultural design of homes for GRIC. Activities included two community design engagement sessions, the construction of a traditional shade structure (vato) at GRIC, a survey on sustainable housing and a mobile design lab with residents. The next phase is co-building a prototype. 



Stage of Completion

Design Development


Sacaton, Arizona


1,305 sq.ft. 122 m2


Gila River Indian Community

IDC (Indigenous Design Collaborative) Design Leads

Wanda Dalla Costa

IDC Design Team

Selina Martinez, Various ASU Students

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