Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Community Park and Pavilion – Tawaw


Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Community Park and Pavilion is a multi-purpose space focusing on local Indigenous narrative and culture. The space is intended to house multiple functions to support the community: concerts, dancing, drumming, picnic area, craft market, outdoor workshops (beading, basketmaking, language), weddings, etc. The design is influenced by the traditional star blanket creating a patterning system with a central fire. Illuminated benches are organized around the fire creating an intimate storytelling area that is nested within a wood structure influenced by the form of a tipi. Integrated into the patterning are planters for medicinal and traditional plant, along with picnic tables that are located on pads with trees that provide shade and wind barriers.
The pavilion connects the local context of the adjacent buildings and parking area. Across the street is a signage designed in the similar form of the wood tipi inspired structure with the nations name and Cree syllabics. The project is aimed at being eco-friendly by using recycled materials.


Public Space

Stage of Completion

Design Development (TAW)
Construction Documents (Partnering Firm)


Fort McMurray First Nation, Alberta, Canada


7,036 SF (floor construction area) 64,100 SF (full park)


Fort McMurray 468 First Nation

Architect of Record

Tawaw Architecture Collective Inc./ PLLC

Design Team

Claudio Vekstein, Dolores Cremonini


Dolores Cremonini Office

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