Enoch Cree Nation Interpretative Centre


Enoch Cree Nation is located to the west of the City of Edmonton, Alberta. The Cree name for Enoch is Maskêkosihk and translates as ‘people of the land of medicine’. The concept of Medicine People, was heard clearly in the engagement session and has become an overriding theme in the design of the facility. .

The Enoch Cree Nation Interpretive Centre is positioned promi-nently, visible from Winterburn Road through a clear opening in the existing shelterbelt. The main entry sits on axis with the nearby intersection providing a dramatic view of the building upon arriv-al. Visitors will be welcomed into the facility, passing through the draped metal wrapping which is perforated with a Enoch beadwork pattern, providing evocative light patterns on adjacent surfaces both day and night. The dynamic form and shape is inspired by the natural surroundings.

The building offers two readings. The exterior that faces the city is dynamic and fluid, waiting to be explored and experienced. Sitting prominently at the East entry, is a traditional tipi that offers stories that are embedded into the form’s exterior and interior. The coun-terpoint is the courtyard which is evident from the east entry with the expanse of windows that provide continuous views to, ongoing cultural activities, medicinal and healing gardens, offering ample sunlight for the interior spaces throughout the day.



Stage of Completion

Schematic design 2021-2022


27,937 sq ft ; 2,595 m2


Enoch Cree Nation

Architect of Record

Tawaw Architecture Collective Inc.

Design Team

Renders: 4eAteliers

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