Colorado River Indian Tribes Justice Center

Colorado River Indian Tribes Justice Center


CRIT is unique as it is a community composed of four cultures: Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi, and Navajo. The intent of this design project was to reflect each of the four as distinct cultures, yet honor Mohave as the original territorial ancestors of the region.

The first motivation to represent CRIT into the project came directly from the tribe’s seal, which symbolizes the surrounding agriculture, river and all four tribes. The Colorado River is an important resource and presence to the tribe, it has been represented in the Mohave creation story and provides the means for agriculture. The design is intended to bring awareness to elements that uplift CRIT’s unique narrative, such as the ones depicted in its flag: 


Public space

Stage of Completion

Schematic Design (2019-2020)


Parker, Arizona


79,805 sq.ft. 7,414 m2


Colorado River Indian Tribes

IDC (Indigenous Design Collaborative) Design Leads

Wanda Dalla Costa, Claudio Vekstein

IDC Design Team

Kyron Hardy, Shaghayegh Vaseghi

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The lobby features a water fountain resembling the most important resource – The Colorado River.